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Striking from the shadows, the deadly rogue Valeera has joined the Nexus! Hop onto Heroes of the Storm today to try out the latest Warcraft assassin: a stealth-capable, energy driven executioner. In addition to a new hero, players can now join in on the Lunar Festival 2017 celebrations. This event runs from today until February 13th and gives players a chance at free gold as well as a Lunar Rooster mount.

Highlights from today's Heroes of the Storm patch include: 

-New Hero: Valeera is live! 

-Sandbox Custom Games: These games allow players to manipulate numerous aspects of a battlefield through cheats and commands to test out specific scenarios. This will likely be incredibly useful for professional players and coaches.

-Tassadar Rework: Tassadar's basic attacks have been revamped to include the Level 13 talent "Distortion Beam," which applies a slow to their target. Numerous talents have been added and moved to change Tassadar's play style.

-Rexxar Rework: Rexxar has undergone changes to center Misha's movement onto his trait button as well as various talent additions.     

To read over the full patch notes, click here. For a rundown of Valeera's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, check out her hero spotlight video below: