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The Diablo III Crusader, Johanna, is not available in the Shop in all her tanky Glory! Her skills are spotlight video are below.


Quote from Blizzard »

Johanna is a resilient front line warrior that is great at disrupting enemies while making herself immune to crowd control effects.

  • Iron Skin (Trait): makes Johanna immune to crowd control for 4 seconds and giving her a shield.
  • Punish (Q): damages and slows enemies by 60% in front of her.
  • Condemn (W): after 1 second of preparation, pull all enemies towards her and stunning them for 0.25 seconds, dealing low damage.
  • Shield Glare (E): deal minor damage and causes them to miss attacks for the next 1.5 seconds.
  • Falling Sword (R1): leaps towards targeted area, and after 2 seconds deal high damage and knocks targets up. Can reposition while in flight.
  • Blessed Shield (R2): moderate damage skillshot that stuns the first enemy for 2 seconds, and two other targets for 1 second