A new year has begun in the Nexus, and with it comes a veteran warrior dating back to the Second War in Azeroth. Zul'jin, Warlord of the Amani forest trolls is the newest hero to be added to Heroes of the Storm and is available today! 

A few highlights from today's Heroes of the Storm patch include:

-New Hero: Zul'jin is live! 

-New Draft Mode: A Tournament Draft mode has been added to Custom Games, finally allowing competitive Heroes of the Storm players to draft inside the game itself. This draft mode will be used for upcoming HGC matches according to a Reddit comment made by Blizzard's eSports Coordinator eSportsMatt. The major addition here is that players will be able to swap heroes during a final 20-second swap phase after the draft concludes. 

-Armor and Vulnerability: In-game tooltips have been updated to reflect damage mitigation changes made during the Varian patch. More information can be found in this forum post

-Armor added to Heroes: Arthas, Anub'arak and Greymane (Worgen form) have all received baseline armor to their kit. Future updates will introduce armor to additional heroes. 

-Bug Fixes: Numerous bugs have been fixed, the highlight being Raynor's Hyperion bug that allowed basic attack talents to enhance Hyperion's damage. 

To read over the full patch notes, click here. For a rundown of Zul'jin's abilities, check out his hero spotlight video below: