The end of 2016 was marked with another organization parting with their Heroes of the Storm roster. On December 31st, Astral Authority tweeted out a press release stating they were separating with their Heroes roster effective immediately. Unlike Denial Esports, Astral Authority plans on staying in the Heroes of the Storm professional scene, and are currently negotiating with another roster. 

The roster and organization remain on good terms, as CauthonLuck tweeted: "Big thanks to - straight-up/honest org. Provided everything we needed and never took advantage of players, great experience." Team Manager ArtemisHowl echoed this sentiment in her own tweet: Thanks for supporting us through BlizzCon and China. We really appreciated their dedication to the team gl in 2017."

Astral Authority signed the former Murloc Geniuses roster on September 30th, 5 days after releasing their previous team. At that point, the Murloc Geniuses had already won both Fall Regional Championships and booked their ticket to BlizzCon. The team placed 7-8th at both the Fall Global Championship as well as the Gold Club World Championship.