Heroes of the Storm World Championships Highlights


Heroes of the Storm World Championships Highlights


Where do I even start? I had high expectations for the Blizzcon 2015 Heroes of the Storm World Championship and it definitely delivered. The games were intense, the drafts were fresh and the mind games were unreal. If you missed it, here are some highlights form the World Championships.




Tyrael Saves All


Tyrael exemplified his true angelic powers during the World Championship with top notch Holy Ground and Sanctification plays. Tyrael became such a threat during the World Championship that he was banned by Cloud 9 during the Grand Finals! Is this the beginning of the end for Tyrael? Has he finally reached a reputation worthy of an auto ban in the competitive scene? You can witness some clutch Tyrael plays by watching Game 1 between  Na'Vi and Team Dignitas during the semifinals.



 Blackheart's Bay Na'Vi vs Team Dignitas - Game 1 Semifinals                                                          




 Double Warrior: Some Warriors Just Cannot Solo


      During the World Championships solo Warrior compositions faced double Warrior compositions 14 times and won 6 of those matches. One thing is for sure, no matter how good Sonya and Leoric are as heroes, they cannot fill the solo tank role (see Tempostorm vs Brave Heart Elimination Match). Moreover, the games during the World Championships had more diversity in terms of warriors. Sonya and E.T.C. who saw very little play earlier in the year are now top tier picks again. It looks like the October patch that gave Warriors significant buffs worked out for the best of every Warrior, except for Chen and Diablo who had poor and mixed results, respectively.

 Team DK vs Na'Vi Winner's Match – The not so terrifying Lord of Terror 



Falstad Is Back With a Mighty Gust


Falstad has been slowly gaining traction in the competitive scene ever since Na'Vi showed him off during the European Qualifiers for Blizzcon 2015. Moreover, Mighty Gust seems to have overtaken Hinterland Blast in terms of utility. Who needs the extra damage when you can single out heroes with a giant electric fan! Check out Game 2 between Cloud 9 and Team Dignitas during the Grand Finals for some examples of how to make use of the terrain against your enemies with Mighty Gust.



Cursed Hollow Cloud 9 vs Team Dignitas - Game 2 Grand Finals                                                                  


Epic Snowball Fight





 Mindgames and Ingenious Drafts


     One of the most entertaining moments of the World Championships was between Team Dignitas and Team YL in Battlefield of Eternity. Team YL, unwilling to just give up on the game, decided to bluff a "rush to core tactic". You can watch the video below to see how Team Dignitas responded. Another thing that was satisfying to watch during the World Championships were the two seemingly simple yet very effective drafts from Team Dignitas and Cloud 9. The first was between Team Dignitas  and Na'Vi during the semifinals on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Team Dignitas combined the early game power of Kerrigan as a way to ensure that Kael'thas can safely make it to his level 13 power spike without having the team fall too far behind. The effect was a continuous snowball from start to finish that Na'Vi could not keep up with. The other well thought out draft was by Cloud 9 when they faced Team DK in the semifinals on Dragon Knight . Cloud 9's iDream used Misha as a guardian for the top shrine and made it difficult for Team DK to capture a Dragon Knight. How are you supposed to capture a shrine when there is a bear guarding it?!

 Team Dignitas vs Team YL Mindgames



Leoric, Murky and Friends: The Art of Cheating Death


Cloud 9 deserves to be the Blizzcon 2015 Heroes of the Storm World Championship because of the fact that they came prepared. Not only did Cloud 9 deliver against Team DK during the much hyped Korea vs North America semifinals, but they did it with an unconventional draft. How are you supposed to win a team fight when your enemy just does not die, or dies and comes back even stronger? When you put together Leoric, Murky, Tassadar, Brightwing and Abathur, five heroes who are difficult to kill or just have very short death timers, you come up with an everlasting composition that will out sustain the enemy team during late game team fights. 


Cloud 9 vs Team DK - Game 2 Semifinals



 2016 Global Championship Circuit


What's next for Heroes of the Storm in terms of eSports? Blizzard has announced that there will be three separate Global Championships over the course of 2016 – spring, summer and fall. Qualifying for these three Championships will require teams to top their respective regions in order to secure one of the twelve open spots. You can find more information by visiting the Heroes of the Storm eSports website. Keep an eye out on the Heroes of the Storm eSports scene as more teams emerge and the competition gets even better.