We all appreciate Uther's help with getting us acquainted with the Nexus. However, Uther's tutorials are just not enough for beginners looking to improve as quickly as possible. Here at StormLegacy's Heroes of the Storm 101 we will give you tips that will immediately improve your gameplay during next match. Let's get started!


Class #1 — November 8 


1. Zoning Out the Enemy Team When Doing an Objective


Whenever one of your team members is capturing a tribute, turning in coins, or attempting to do any single point objective there is no reason for you to stand right next to them. Your hero's body should be located between the objective and the enemy team in order to prevent them from interrupting the channeling of the objective.


Rexxar collects the tribute while his teammates zones out the incoming enemy team.



2. Body Blocking to Secure the Kill


Instead of your entire team chasing down a fleeing enemy it is better for one or two of you to get ahead of the target in order to block their path. This is especially true if your hero does very little damage anyways and would be more effective for body blocking than chasing. With practice you can even get in a few basic attacks while body blocking.



 Lt. Morales cuts off the retreat path of Falstad to ensure the takedown.



3. Stay Alive When Your Team is Ahead


Trading 1 for 1 when you are ahead in levels is never a good trade, the enemy team gets more XP from your death than what you get from taking down one of the enemies. This is a key comeback mechanic of Heroes of the Storm. Stay alive and deny the enemy team from pulling off a comeback. The following videos from SunGlare have more information regarding how experience gain works in Heroes of the Storm: 





Class #2 - November 10


1. Late Game: End the Game After Winning the Fight


Did you win the team fight and managed to wipe the enemy? Do you have roughly 30 seconds to get in front of their keep before any of the enemy heroes respawn? If so, then it is time to rally your teammates to destroy the core! Is 30 seconds really enough? Watch the video below and see for yourself. 



 SPOILERS: This video starts in the middle of a match with a team fight about to break out.

 Video Courtesy of KhaldorTV



2. Prioritize the Boss Lane


When pushing lanes, proritize pushing the lane that the Boss will march on in order to give your team a win condition as well as deny the enemy team of theirs. A late game captured Boss on Sky Temple, Tomb of the Spider Queen and Cursed Hollow can be game ending if the Fort in the respective lanes have been destroyed. Therefore, during the Temple, Webweaver or Curse phase of the game it is vital that you push out the Boss lanes. It is also important to keep this in mind if your team has been behind the whole game and just need a way to end the game after a decisive team fight. Grab that boss and escort it to end the game.


3. Preserve the Health On Your Dragon Knight and Garden Terror


Getting the most out of your Dragon Knight and Garden Terror is all about preserving the health and making it last for as long as possible. When sieging a gate make sure that you are not getting hit by two towers simultaneously. Running around to make the enemies chase you is also a good tactic to get value out of your Dragon Knight or Garden Terror. Having the enemies chase you not only allows your teammates to split push, but it also forces the enemy team to lose XP on other lanes.


Position the Dragon Knight so that it is only getting hit by one Cannon Tower at a time.


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