Title Published Date Author
Valla Super-Guide: Hatred Must be Tempered by Discipline 09 June 2017 Written by Danny DeAngelis
The Crusade Marches On: A Johanna Super Guide 24 April 2017 Written by rRase
The High King Approaches: Impressions and Analysis of Varian Wrynn 11 November 2016 Written by Danny DeAngelis
The Best of Both Worlds: A Valla Build for Any Occasion 12 May 2016 Written by Alebeard
In the Blink of an Eye: Properly Playing As and Against Tracer 22 April 2016 Written by Nutmeg
En Taro Tassadar: Executing With the Executor 04 April 2016 Written by Nutmeg
The Magic Touch: Harnessing the Power of Li-Ming 28 March 2016 Written by Nutmeg
Forgot About Grey: Understanding the Lord of the Worgen 19 February 2016 Written by SaharaDrac
Hero Review: Greymane 13 January 2016 Written by SaharaDrac
Playing With Fire: The Power of Kael'Thas 02 November 2015 Written by Nutmeg
This Is Jimmy 25 October 2015 Written by Nutmeg
Hero Review: Artanis 21 October 2015 Written by SaharaDrac