Valla has been a part of Heroes of the Storm since the launch of Technical Alpha. While other Heroes have basked in the spotlight of the Meta, Valla has lurked quietly in the shadows. She doesn’t often reveal herself, but when the moment is right she is there waiting to strike.

Part of the reason that Valla is often overlooked is because she lacks some of the instant burst damage and stuns that are so valued in competitive play. What she lacks in those areas she more than makes up for in versatility. Depending on the needs of the team, she can be built for AOE, sustained damage, or even decent burst damage. While she may not be the type of Hero you build an entire comp around, she is a great choice to round out almost any team.

The Build
Valla has traditionally had two main builds. The first focuses on Multishot to provide effective lane clear and high AOE damage. The second is built around buffing auto attacks to provide strong sustained damage.
Recently, Valla has seen resurgence in the competitive scene thanks to a combination of these two builds. First popularized in Europe and Asia, this hybrid build takes advantage of Valla’s versatility by combining key Multishot Talents with the Auto Attack build. The result is a build with good early game lane clear and strong late game team fighting power. While the main focus of the build is on single target auto attack damage, the Multistrike Talents provide valuable flexibility.
Let’s take a look at how the build works.

Level 1: Composite Arrows

The increased range not only provides better lane clear, it also helps give Valla additional survivability in team fights, making this Talent choice good for both early and late game.

Level 4: Manticore

Most of Valla’s damage in team fights is going to come from auto attacks. Given her high attack speed, doing an additional 60% damage on every 3rd attack is a significant buff.

Level 7: Searing Attacks

Combined with Manticore, this Talent gives Valla serious single target burst potential. Be sure to use Multishot and Hungering Arrow in moderation to ensure that you have enough mana to fully take advantage of this Talent when the time is right.

Level 10: Rain of Vengeance

Valla is one of the few Heroes to have two viable Heroic options. Rain of Vengeance and Strafe are both great choices, it just comes down to which is better situationally. Rain is often the preferred choice if your team is lacking stuns, or the enemy team has an abundance of stuns. Strafe shines best when the enemy team doesn’t have the ability to easily interrupt it.
For this build I recommend Rain of Vengeance as it synergizes well with other Talent choices, but there will be times when Strafe is the right choice over Rain.

Level 13: Frost Shot

As we move into the late game, team fighting becomes more of a focus. Movement impairing effects are great in team fights, and this Talent, combined with Composite Arrows at level 1, will allow you to slow multiple Heroes at once. Once your chosen target is slowed you can follow up with your powerful auto attacks to quickly burn them down.

Level 16: Executioner

Speaking of finishing off Heroes… This Talent has been reworked in the latest patch to passively provide a 30% buff to auto attack damage against slowed, rooted, or stunned enemies for three seconds. This Talent was good before, and it is even better now. Since Valla can provide her own crowd control with Rain of Vengeance and Frost Shot, this Talent an obvious choice.

Level 20: Nexus Frenzy

Faster attacks mean more damage, and more damage means shorter team fights. The increased attack speed from Nexus Frenzy is a perfect compliment for some of our earlier Talent choices, such as Manticore and Executioner. Bolt of the Storm is always a tempting option, but proper positioning along with Vault should provide Valla with more than enough survivability.

In Conclusion

Valla has always been a Hero on the fringe of the Meta. While she has never reached the heights of popularity that Heroes such as Kael’thas and Falstad have seen, she has always boasted a solid win rate. She is a consistently good Hero capable of fitting into numerous team compositions. If you are looking to add a new Hero to your Hero League roster, Valla is a great choice and this build will serve you well in almost any situation.