• Get an in-depth preview of Varian Wrynn and hear Sahara's thoughts from BlizzCon. Included: a special interview with game designer Jade Martin with CavalierGuest! Read More +
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  • Alebeard stops by to give us a quick run down of his favorite Valla playstyle! Read More +
  • Tracer brings a new playstyle that will require you to re-think how you play, both as and against her! Nutmeg brings you some helpful tips to do so in this guide. Read More +
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    What's it like to be at a live esports event in the burgeoning American scene? Read and share in our experiences from Heroes of the Dorm in Seattle! Read More +
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Season 1 Tease on Twitter!

Blizzard has another social media tease today, and this one seems to strongly imply the Season 1 Ladder we've all been so eaglerly anticipating!


It looks like it's the emblem for "Diamond League", as Blizzard has stated that the system would be very similar to StarCraft II's League system. We can't wait! Hopefully we'll see this all come to fruition this weekend! 

Blizzard Teases New Dragon Hero

Blizzard took to social media with a Hero tease again today, telling us to "look to the skies", and showing the silhouette of a large dragon flying over a Cursed Hollow tribute. It looks like a map reveal spell being cast, so our bet is with Alexstrasza! What do you think?


StormLegacy Streaming!


Storm Legacy streams weekdays from 6-11 PM (Mountain Time US). Find us at http://www/twitch.tv/StormLegacy

Tracer Trailer and Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes


Tracer is now available for everyone who pre-purchased the Overwatch: Origins Edition.

Here is Tracer's new hero trailer



The new patch includes map changes and talent reworks for Greymane and Artanis.

Click the banner below for all the details.





Tracer Spotlight


Tracer enters the Nexus next week!