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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - February 14th, 2017

There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than receiving a gift-wrapped Support Hero in the Nexus! Joining the limited roster of healing heroes is the third Overwatch character, Lúcio. Like both Tracer and Zarya before him, Lúcio's range of abilities closely mirrors his playstyle in Overwatch. Lúcio can instantly swap his music tracks from healing nearby heroes every second, to improving their movement speed by 15%. A quick hero that offers an array of utilities for his team, Lúcio appears to be a welcome addition to the Nexus!   

Highlights from today's Heroes of the Storm patch include: 

-New Hero: Lúcio is live! 

-World of Warcraft Promotion: The "For Azeroth!" quest has been added to Heroes of the Storm. Play as a Warcraft hero together with a friend in the Nexus 15 times to unlock exclusive mounts for both Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft!

-Heroic Changes: Greymane's Marked for the Kill has been reworked into Cursed Bullet, which deals damage equal to 35% of a hero's current health. Falstad's Hinterland Blast now reduces its own cooldown by 25 seconds for every hero hit with it.  

-Murky Rework: Murky now has more base health, making him tankier. The tradeoff is an increased respawn timer out of his egg from 5 to 8 seconds. Additionally, Murky now has some interesting talent choices starting with level 1. Egg Hunt gives Murky the ability to place up to 3 fake eggs that cast Slime when destroyed, and A Fishy Deal looks like an effective new version of Bribe, relying on Pufferfish minion kills.  

-Balance Changes: Plenty of balance changes are included with the patch, including buffs for Valeera and some nerfs for the newly revamped Tassadar. 

To read over the full patch notes, click here. For a rundown of Lúcio's lore and abilities, check out his hero spotlight video below: 

Heroes Global Championship Week 1 - Top 5 North American Plays

HGC Week 1 has finally arrived! Let's take a look at the top 5 North American plays during the opening weekend for the 2017 Heroes Global Championship. 

#5: This play had very minimal impact on the overall result of the game, but the timing of the shield and portal by Glaurung was just too good to pass up. It's a very entertaining play to watch.

#4: Team Naventic was looking at being swept by Tempo Storm in the opening match of Day 1, but this play turned everything around. They were able to capitalize off the kills and take Tempo Storm's core to win and force Game 4.

#3: B-Step vs. Gale Force eSports was a very tight series, going all the way to Game 5. This risky boss play by B-Step is what sealed the deal and allowed Gale Force eSports to win the series.

#2: I chose this play for a few reasons, mainly because of how fast 3 of Tempo Storm's heroes got deleted, but also because this is the game-winning team fight for Team Naventic, forcing a Game 5 in the series.

#1: This is a legendary play by both iDream and KingCaffeine, securing a 5 hero Mosh Pit. The play easily allows B-Step to take the core and gain the lead on the series 2-1.

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - January 24th, 2017

Striking from the shadows, the deadly rogue Valeera has joined the Nexus! Hop onto Heroes of the Storm today to try out the latest Warcraft assassin: a stealth-capable, energy driven executioner. In addition to a new hero, players can now join in on the Lunar Festival 2017 celebrations. This event runs from today until February 13th and gives players a chance at free gold as well as a Lunar Rooster mount.

Highlights from today's Heroes of the Storm patch include: 

-New Hero: Valeera is live! 

-Sandbox Custom Games: These games allow players to manipulate numerous aspects of a battlefield through cheats and commands to test out specific scenarios. This will likely be incredibly useful for professional players and coaches.

-Tassadar Rework: Tassadar's basic attacks have been revamped to include the Level 13 talent "Distortion Beam," which applies a slow to their target. Numerous talents have been added and moved to change Tassadar's play style.

-Rexxar Rework: Rexxar has undergone changes to center Misha's movement onto his trait button as well as various talent additions.     

To read over the full patch notes, click here. For a rundown of Valeera's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, check out her hero spotlight video below:

Nexus Drafthouse - Episode 21 with Dreadnaught VOD

This week's episode of Nexus Drafthouse featured a veteran Heroes of the Storm mind, the retired professional shot-caller and Team Captain for Tempo Storm Wade "Dreadnaught" Penfold. Dreadnaught has moved over to analyzing and commentating matches and was recently announced as one of the two North American casters for the 2017 Heroes Global Championship. In this episode, Dreadnaught walks the Storm Legacy Team through some odd drafting picks during a recent Chinese match between ZeroPanda and Super Perfect Team, and then mock drafted ZeroPanda versus eStar. 

You can watch Episode 21 of Nexus Drafthouse below or over on YouTube. Enjoy! 

Nexus Drafthouse - Episode 20 with Halorin VOD

The Storm Legacy Team has hit a new milestone with Nexus Drafthouse, the 20th episode of the drafting show aired last night! In case you missed it, Heroes of the Storm caster Halorin offered some great analysis on drafts for two recent HeroesHype amateur matches: HecarimJ from LSU vs. Not Van Halen and Damn EKevin vs. Tailwind. 

You can watch Episode 20 of Nexus Drafthouse below or over on YouTube. Enjoy!