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Storm Legacy is a sister site to SCLegacy.com, one of the oldest and most well-known StarCraft lore fansites on the web. We are bringing our special brand of quality coverage to our new site, which is all about Heroes of the Storm, and we are looking for staff to help us create the best Heroes fansite out there! We’d be thrilled if you could help us fill any of the following positions:

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Weekly Sale: August 4 - August 11, 2015

It's that time again! New week means new sales and new sales mean wrecked wallets. Blizzard has let us know what goodies we'll able to pluck from the in-game shop at discounted rates. Check them out!


Weekly Sale: August 4 - August 11, 2015 PDT

Illidan -- $3.24 USD

Shan'do Illidan Skin -- $4.99 USD

Funny Bunny Murky Skin -- $4.99 USD


Weekly Sale: July 28 - August 4, 2015

It's that time again! New week means new sales and new sales mean wrecked wallets. Blizzard has let us know what goodies we'll able to pluck from the in-game shop at discounted rates. Check them out!


Weekly Sale: July 28 - August 4, 2015 PDT

Tassadar -- $3.24 USD

Mecha Tassadar Skin -- $11.24 USD

Kaijo Diablo Skin -- $2.49 USD


Competitive Weekly Recap July 28


The Road to Blizzconn Europe Open Qualifier #1 was held this weekend and it produced some interesting results. The teams that will be moving onto the Round of 8 are: 

1. Fnatic 2. Gamers2 3. Team Roccat 4. Evil Murkies 5. Virtus Pro 6. Natus Vincere (Na'vi) 7. Team Spartanien 8. Meet Your Makers


You'll notice that Team Liquid did not make it through to the round of 8. That's because they were eliminated very early on in the tournament by Na'Vi. We've all heard the Team Liquid vs Tempo Storm dream match hype for awhile now, but does this result put a bit of a damper? Or is this more of a result of arguably the two best teams in Europe duking it out and somebody had to win? It's important to note that Team Liquid's drafting phase was extremely suspect, especially in games 2 and 3 which was partly responsible for this out come.

We also had the MSI Masters Gaming Arena NA Qualifier finals as well. In the two best of 5 matches we had Tempo Storm vs 2ARC  and Cloud 9 Maelstrom vs Cognitive .  

2ARC known for their incredibly weird drafts threw everything they had at Tempo Storm. They even managed to take a game off of them which is very rare these days. In the end though the outcome was the same with Tempo Storm emerging victorious 3 games to 1.

In the second match Cognitive really took it to Cloud 9. They made the mistake of giving Glaurung Zeratul and they were punished for it. From there they focused bans against Glaurung, putting him on non comfort picks and it really showed. Cloud 9 Maelstrom went on to take the series 3 games to 1.

Both Tempo Storm and Cloud 9 Maelstrom qualify for the main event taking place at PAX Prime.

My Power Rankings for this week are as follows:


1. Tempo Storm 2. Cloud 9 Maelstrom 3. Cognitive Gaming 4. 2ARC Gaming 5. Goon Squad 6. Complexity Gaming 7. Zeveron 8. Pool Plato Some Tangos


1. Team Liquid 2. Natus Vincere 3. Virtus Pro 4. Gamers 2 5. Fnatic 6. Evil Murkies 7. Team Roccat 8. Meet Your Makers